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Like a secret hideaway in a forest
Welcome to our YUGA-ONSEN HOTEL SANTOUKA website.


This hotel is located on the shores of solemn mountain road, enjoying the rustling of trees and chirping of bird, and hidden in the branches of the mountain peaches, is the white-walled hotel with hot spring. We named our hotel 『SANTOUKA, it’s from the name of the bayberry (In chinese character, written mountain peach) which has a simple yet powerful character.
We would be happy if you could recall the "spaciousness of mind" and "warmth" that people today have almost forgotten.

Recommended accommodation plan

Original Kaiseki Plan

Fresh seafood and mountain products.We use only the best seasonal ingredients, and give them a special touch of sophistication. 
Please enjoy a whole heap of our hospitality.

Meat Kaiseki Plan (made with meat from Okayama Prefecture)

Seasonal ingredients and Okayama beef are used as the main ingredients, pork and chicken are also locally produced and consumed.
The main course as well as various meat dishes are prepared in a kaiseki style.



3285 Yuga, Kojima, Kurashiki, Okayama 711-0901